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What Are Some Viable Alternatives to Google Analytics

Digital marketers love tools.

Just like a race car driver loves a new car and a tennis player is excited at the prospect of buying new trainers and racquets, digital marketing professionals love shopping for tools they can use in their practice.

If you’re a seasoned marketer in the field, you’d know the number one problem of most digital marketing tools. They are not necessary. There are many instances of tools which are launched by popular websites that offer nothing new and substantially important.

New professionals in the field are duped by the tall promises every website or brand selling digital marketing tools make. Some claim to suggest the best keywords, others promise the best topical insight, and the rest offer some form of data-based insight in some kind of digital marketing practice.

Many first-timers make the mistake of paying for these tools and learning later how the ‘insights’ offered by most such services can actually be availed for free.

One tool which is actually quite useful is Google Analytics. It offers marketers running a website an accurate picture of their website. However, Google Analytics can at times be limited in the insights and data it provides. In this article, we discuss some alternatives to Google Analytics which can be of great help.


Mixpanel is an ideal solution for those who want their incoming visitors to make serious decisions. Every marketing campaign has a goal. As a marketer, you should have a goal for the people coming to your website. It can be making them part of a lead generation queue or selling actual products.

Mixpanel helps marketers facing this challenge. It helps marketers notify incoming visitors to perform a positive action depending on their behavior. Marketers can further use it to predict which incoming visitors are more likely to be converted.


Typically used by websites looking to increase sales, GoSquared is a great alternative to Google Analytics.

With GoSquared, marketers can analyze their source of the traffic to understand their audience better and track their social behavior after getting their email address. If your aim is to understand your audience better to make more sales, GoSquared is a great option.


According to DCA, StatCounter has a lot of unique features. It helps websites save money from fraudulent click frauds, which is one of the many reasons marketers use it in the first place. Some of its interesting features include offering marketers complete insight into how a prospect arrives at their website. Tracking a user journey is important for marketers in the modern age of marketing and StatCounter helps in this regard.

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In Conclusion

If you are a digital marketer, you would come across many tools. Some tools are really useful and others are not. Google Analytics is a useful tool, but users must not depend on it for results.

In this article, we covered three alternatives for Google Analytics marketers can use.

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