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Elevate Your Outdoor Cooking Game with the Blackstone Griddle, Available at BBQs 2u

BBQs 2u is a family-based company that has been associated with barbeque and grilled foods for all these years. Now, you can also buy ovens from many different companies, from BBQs 2u.

The Blackstone 28in griddle is a versatile medium-sized cooking surface ideal for enhancing culinary experiences during family gatherings and smaller events across the UK.

Featuring a generous 470-square-inch area and two separate burners with individual controls, it offers the freedom to prepare multiple dishes concurrently, each at its preferred temperature, guaranteeing a delightful array of flavours to satisfy every palate.

Equipped with 34,000 BTUs of intense heat, this 28-inch Griddle with Hood ensures effortless cooking of all your beloved meals!

Benefiting from two separate cooking zones, you will have the capacity to unleash your culinary creativity to the fullest. Additionally, the hood serves a dual purpose – safeguarding your griddle from the elements and acting as a basting dome, facilitating the steaming and even cooking of your food.

Introducing the Blackstone Original 28-inch Griddle with Hood, your portal to an unparalleled outdoor cooking journey. Crafted for versatility and top-tier performance, this griddle is engineered to elevate your culinary prowess and craft delectable meals for your loved ones.

Prioritizing quality, resilience, and outstanding cooking capabilities, the Blackstone Original 28-inch Griddle with Hood stands as an essential for aficionados seeking grilling perfection.

Key features and benefits

1.      Spacious Cooking Surface

Offering a generous 470 square inches of cooking surface, the Blackstone Original 28-inch Griddle enables you to prepare a diverse array of dishes concurrently.

Whether you are sizzling eggs and bacon for breakfast or stir-frying vegetables and searing steaks for dinner, this griddle provides abundant space to unleash your culinary ingenuity.

2.      Powerful Heat Control

Featuring two independently controlled stainless steel burners, this griddle empowers you with precise command over heat distribution.

Whether you are aiming for low and slow cooking or high-temperature searing, effortlessly adjust the heat to match your preferred cooking style and consistently attain flawless results.

3.      Hood for Added Versatility

The addition of the included hood revolutionizes your griddle cooking journey, enhancing its versatility manifold. With the hood in place, you can cultivate an oven-like atmosphere, ideal for:

  • Baking pizzas
  • Roasting meats
  • Achieving that perfect melt-on-cheese for your favourite dishes.

Embrace a broader culinary spectrum and delve into novel cooking techniques facilitated by this convenient hood.

4.      Durable Construction

Forged with a robust steel frame and a durable cold-rolled steel griddle top, the Blackstone Original 28-inch Griddle with Hood is engineered to endure the challenges of outdoor cooking.

Crafted for long-lasting resilience, it guarantees years of reliable performance, enabling you to savour countless delectable meals with confidence and satisfaction.

5.      Easy Cleanup

Thanks to the Blackstone Original 28-inch Griddle with Hood, tidying up after a delightful meal is effortless.

The rear grease management system efficiently gathers and channels grease away, while the removable griddle top simplifies scrubbing and upkeep. This ensures that you spend more time relishing your food and less time on cleanup duties.

To remain updated with the latest status of the oven’s availability, you must remain in touch with BBQs 2u through their Twitter account.

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