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Dealing with Biological Stains on Carpet? What You Need to Know

Whether you’re house training a new dog or you have a little one dealing with the stomach flu, biological stains can be tough to get out of your carpet. Here, we’re sharing time-proven tips and tricks to restore your carpets after bodily fluids have unfortunately taken their toll.

Try an Enzyme Cleaner

Parents and pet owners have been there–no matter how much you scrub your carpets, there are certain stains and smells that seem impossible to remove. This is because biological substances contain enzymes that continue to create chemical changes long after you’ve removed the visible substance from your carpet. An enzyme cleaner works to stop these processes, allowing you to get stains and smells out of your carpets that can’t be taken care of through scrubbing alone.

The Power of Steam

After you’ve worked to thoroughly scrub the surface of your carpet, it may be time to attack the stains and smells that you can’t see. Substances can sink below your visible carpet into the padding, and it can be tough to see exactly where you need to clean in order to get things back to normal. Using a steam cleaner can help you get soap and water below the surface of your carpet. A commercial-grade steam cleaner also pulls the dirtied water back out of the carpet, and often, the stain and smell of any issues in the padding come with it. If you can’t quite put your finger on where the smell is coming from, an all-over steam clean can be a smart move.

Call the Pros

You already know that dealing with a biological stain isn’t for the faint of heart. If you’re struggling to make progress with getting your carpet back to normal, it’s smart to reach out to a carpet cleaning services Toledo company for help. A professional company will be able to try multiple tactics to get the stain and smell out of your carpet, and can let you know whether you need to start thinking about replacing your carpet altogether. When scheduling an appointment, be sure to mention the type of stain you’re dealing with so your technician can arrive fully prepared to tackle the job.

SteamEx is Here to Help!

At SteamEx, we’re proud to be your carpet cleaning Toledo company. No matter what type of carpet issue you’re dealing with, we’re here to help restore your carpets. Reach out to our Toledo carpet cleaning company today to schedule an appointment.

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